• The magic of small business

    I started BE because on my travels I saw so many gifted artisans making such beautiful things and when I returned home and ventured into shops all I saw was mass produced. My dream was to have a little shop and share some of this magic!
  • BE Lifestyle Boutique wraps all your gifts for you!

    Are you buying a gift? Be sure to tell us and we will make sure it is lovingly wrapped.
  • BE Lifestyle Boutique in Cheshire Life

    BE Lifestyle Boutique featured in Cheshire Life - Reasons to move to Bramhall!

    A review of BE Lifestyle Boutique: What is on offer and what is so special about this little shop in Bramhall, Cheshire?
  • Spread the love for BE Lifestyle Boutique.

    Help us spread the love for BE Lifestyle Boutique. We think we offer something very special and different and we would love you to help us get the word out!
  • About BE

    Having grown up in Spain, a little shop with an olive tree at the door was a long time dream! The shop with an olive tree at the door became a real...
  • Nutrition Workshop

    Nutrition workshop What a fabulous nutrition workshop we hosted at BE last night! Stefanie came to share some of her knowledge in a friendly and i...
  • Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen

    Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen Just an hour away on our trusty low cost carrier that is Easy jet we found ourselves in Copenhagen.A friendly and ch...
  • A review of BE Lifestyle Boutique

    A REVIEW OF BE LIFESTYLE BOUTIQUE BY LUSTREMCR Thank  you to Carla from for the review of BE Lifestyle Boutique published ...
  • Marrakech - A short trip

    Marrakech - a short trip As you emerge from the airport the air is different. It is dry and it has the faint hint of vegetation and pine trees. It...
  • Big Free Tea Party

    Big Free Tea Party #Big Free Tea Party has been in the Manchester news! This event was organised by Wendy at I love Bramhall as part of Bramhall F...
  • BE @ Alty Market

    BE @ Alty Market  was born this weekend! What a fabulous weekend we have had at Altrincham Market. We are so excited to be a part of this beautifu...