About BE

Having grown up in Spain, a little shop with an olive tree at the door was a long time dream! The shop with an olive tree at the door became a reality in 2013 and love, laughter and a mix of green smoothies and strong coffee is what keeps BE running.

We offer an eclectic mix of good quality, sometimes classic, sometimes edgy, sometimes purely feminine clothing, accessories and jewellery. The handbags alone originate from Spain, Morocco, Argentina, the Netherlands, Denmark, London and India! Our women’s collections will form the basis of every woman’s wardrobe.

A love of travel and original things keeps the shop brimming with new stock.

“Combining fashion, home wares and gifts seems natural to us at BE – after all it’s about lifestyle! We love having free-spirited fun around the shop and we have no rules – anything goes…from antlers to bottle openers, a Buddha and starfish t lights. We love original things!”

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