Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen

Just an hour away on our trusty low cost carrier that is Easy jet we found ourselves in Copenhagen.

A friendly and chirpy station helper gave us directions and before long we were on our train to Central Station.

We squealed with delight at the number of bicycles on the train and how easy the authorities make it to travel on bikes.

We were soon to find out it is all about bikes in Copenhagen and our love affair with bikes was reignited and our love affair with Copenhagen began.

After a bit of a battle to find a reasonably priced nice hotel in a good location we settled for Hotel Danmark. Right next to the grand town hall building, next to the Hard Rock Cafe, over the road from Tivoli Gardens and at the end of the busy shopping street Stroget; it did the job but no gushing recommendations for the crumbling building (although the staff were lovely which made everything great!)

We sauntered down the shopping street and had a look in some lovely shops including the famous (packed full of interiors bits and housed in an architectural beauty). Our new favourite discovery of & other stories, which we had not previously heard of, took up lots of our morning. With beautiful and original displays, their merchandisers deserved medals. We headed down to the canal side & the popular area of Nyhaven, which is where the colourful houses found in The Danish Girl are and where you saw Lili entering and leaving her home. Here we sat in the sunshine and had the famous Danish open sandwich, Smorrebrod. A selection of crispy pork, chicken and mackerel all in lovely sauces with pickles on the top.

We spent the afternoon climbing in and out of basements in the surrounding areas admiring the wares of the tiny independent boutique owners. We are partial to a bit of up cycling ourselves but hats off to the Danes. Their eco awareness is second to none.

After a long days walking we consulted our guidebook to find somewhere for supper.

Noma was never an option. With its two Michelin Stars and a waiting list of nearly half a year it has been voted best restaurant in the world repeatedly.

We opted for a restaurant popular with the locals where not a tourist was in sight and people eyed us with curiosity as we made our choices and the friendly waiter suggested dishes as we insisted on something typically Danish.

We opted for Frikadeller with creamed cabbage and new potatoes, and plaice with parsley sauce and potatoes.

It was all delicious and very Danish!

As we ventured home the clubs were getting busy and the number of bikes outside was hilarious to us and we took endless photos (after some wine!) We had never seen so many bikes in one place ever!!

Day 2 and we decided that Copenhagen could not be done without a day on a bike...

The hotel organized us some beautiful city bikes and we were off!!

Down past the station and over the bridge, back round past the canals for a quick coffee before asking our waiter where the Little Mermaid was (there was no mention of her in our guide book!!) We cycled down through the Royal Palaces, watched the changing of the guard and then sped on down to the star shaped park at the end of the city. There she was, tiny and perched on a rock. I was glad not to have missed her, as that was all I had really known of Copenhagen as a child.

More cycling in the afternoon, stopping at special bike traffic lights and sharing the lanes with a full range of age groups: elderly, young, families, commuters and delivery bikes. We really enjoyed it and wished and hoped that Boris would manage to make bike life possible and safe in the United Kingdom. A run up the Round Tower and a lovely view from the top followed by a look around the art galleries.

What a lovely day!

As an avid ‘Bridge’ viewer, a trip would not have been complete without driving across Broen.

An early rise and a walk across the block to the central station took us to where the somewhat ominously named 999 bus leaves for Malmo.

100 Danish Kroner and a passport and we were on our way over the famous Oresund Bridge to Sweden.

We took the bus as we were told the views were better. How exciting to be driving over Saga's bridge!

8 km over the water, a quick stop at the border and there we were in Malmo. I have to confess it was more about crossing the bridge than getting to Malmo itself but it was a lovely city and it was exciting to see some of the landscapes from the gritty series.

A short while later it was time to get back to reality.

A short train ride and we were back at Kobenhavns Airport catching our flight home remembering how important it is to get away on inspiration trips!

Enduring memories: bikes and their important role in life, friendly people and eco conscious society. Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.

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