The magic of small business

We all feel in our bones that the world is changing. The world must change! There must be a return to appreciating the contribution of makers and small businesses where magic is made, and discourage a world full of mass produced goods that damage our planet beyond repair.

I started BE because on my travels I saw so many gifted artisans making such beautiful things and when I returned home and ventured into shops all I saw was mass produced. My dream was to have a little shop and share some of this magic!💫
It has not been an easy journey but I have shared it with so many other amazing independents and we dance together when things are good and cry and hug each other when things are tough (and quickly laugh together too soon after!) I have met the most incredible humans on this journey and want to say a huge thank you to my fellow traders, makers and friends who are my other family @room_356 @wolfandgypsyjewellery @mayfly_jewellery @bandvtrading @martinceramics15 @vh_interiors @firestationsquarepottery @lizjanson @kanoaliving @gooseberryfool @joeandcodenim @edshairsalon @amaranth_wellbeing
Also a huge thank you to our customers who get what we do and support us week after week and month after month! Love ❤️
I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to @sarahhamiltonprints for her tireless work in creating @justacard and fighting so hard to get the message out there - we are so grateful ❤️thank you 🙏
If we want our towns and villages to be lovely places where we can shop and eat and hang out, we must support our indie businesses. They will almost always be more ethical (I can’t speak for everyone clearly) and they will all be putting their earnings back into our communities.
This image is of me with Noureddine. I have been working with him for seven years now. He makes a range of gorgeous bags for us and always has a huge smile. It’s moments like this that make it all worthwhile.
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