What Makes BE Lifestyle Boutique So Different?

What Makes BE Lifestyle Boutique So Different?

When I decided to open BE Lifestyle Boutique back in 2012 I did it because as I travelled to different countries I fell in love with the wonderful craftsmanship and the myriad of designs and colours that we did not seem to have here in the UK. When I ventured into shops here  I found the same items that I saw from one city to the next and so much of it mass produced in China.

My dream was to create a small shop with an Olive Tree outside where we could sell items found on our travels. So far we have achieved this!!

We love to buy from sole traders who make their own masterpieces wherever we go. This means buying off ladies with tablecloths on the beach piled with their wares, to women's cooperatives, to people we find in the markets and souks of the world. We build lasting relationships and friendships with the people we work with and hope to bring you beautiful and unusual pieces.


My most recent trip was to India. Holiday for me always includes shopping as I love to see what is going on and meet people. I am busy adding the items to our website so keep your eyes peeled! 

I always organise my own trips and love to have a lot of time for shopping!!

I frequently use as I find their site so easy and competitive. If you are looking to organise some time away, give it a browse!

And then have a look through our kaftans and kimonos section on our website so that you are prepared for your adventure!



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