Nutrition Workshop

Nutrition workshop

What a fabulous nutrition workshop we hosted at BE last night!

Stefanie came to share some of her knowledge in a friendly and intimate setting.

Stefanie is trained in sports nutrition and is nuts about food!

The information we gained yesterday was great and so relevant to our everyday eating choices.

We can't tell you how motivated we feel to put into practice everything we learned at our nutrition workshop yesterday evening.

Stefanie put together a great presentation for a group of us which was informative - lots of new information - and full of tips and questions & answers.

We came straight home to download a recipe for her coconut balls which are among some of the most delicious things I have eaten and which she made for us.

Stefanie is not an advocate of fad diets and calorie counting because of all the phytonutrients you miss out on when you are only thinking about calories. Also the fact that we all know ' diets' don't work. She has a very natural and wholesome attitude to her nutrition and uses the word balance frequently.

If you want to know the difference between saturated fats, unsaturated and trans fats this is for you.

If you want to know about the balance between carbs, proteins and fats then this is for you.

If you are at that time in your life when fat seems happy to settle she also has all the answers.

And of course as a sports nutritionist she can have you in tip top condition for all your workout sessions.

There was information on intolerance, leaky gut and a whole array of other conditions that is so useful to have.

There was time to cover all those questions that are not easily answered too.

Which oil to use on salads and to cook ?

What are good carbs and bad carbs?

If you are interested in joining Stefanie for one of her sessions please contact her through .com or feel free to get in touch with us at BE.

This is a little about Stefanie. Follow the link to her blog, to find out more and please like her Facebook page and check out all the fabulous recipes that will bring a world of vitality, energy and happiness to your life.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening that has left us at BE feeling empowered to be a better version of us.

Diet changes lives.

Give it a chance to change yours.

Aneta and Babs xx

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