Geranium, Petitgrain and Frankincense 100% Essential Oil votive candle
self care candle from pure wax and essential oils  Elä Life
Nurture your body and mind with this all natural candle

NURTURE Votive Candle | Elä Life

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NURTURE Votive Candle |  Elä Life

Escape to your own haven of care-free relaxation with the NURTURE votive candle - perfect for creating a cozy, calming  and uplifting atmosphere wherever life takes you. Nurture is an uplifting and cleansing blend perfumed with 100% essential oils of Geranium, Petitgrain, and Frankincense; it's like a breath of fresh air for your home or office space! 

This candle is perfect for those self care moments when you need to stop, nurture and nourish your body and mind and remember that you are important, that you matter and that you are loved every time you light this candle. This uplifting, fresh and lightly floral candle will cleanse your mind and your home.  

It's important when burning a votive candle that only the purest wax and essential oils are used so that as the candle burns you are only burning ingredients that are good for you and benefit your health.

We have chosen a lovely plant-based wax of coconut and rapeseed oil. Many candles on the market use paraffin wax which is terrible for us to breathe in. This is why we've chosen our perfectly natural, clean wax.

We also only use 100% essential oils and no synthetic fragrances. Poured in a stylish matt black glass container with a wooden lid, it looks lovely in your home or makes a perfect gift. Re-use the lidded container once you've finished burning the candle for storing trinkets or other items around your home. 

Our Nurture Votive Candle is handmade in the UK in small batches 

90 grams net (3oz) approximately 16 hours burn time. 
6.5cm diameter x 5.5cm including lid.

Free from paraffin wax and phthalates.

Geranium, Petitgrain and Frankincense
100% Essential Oils
plant-based wax of coconut and rapeseed oil

Elä, derived from the Finnish word 'to live,' embodies the essence of cherishing life and nurturing our planet.

At Elä Life, our mission is to craft a collection of goods that not only enhance our well-being but also leave a gentle footprint on Earth's delicate tapestry. With utmost care, our skincare and candles are meticulously crafted using 100% essential oils, plant-based ingredients sourced from nature's bounty.


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