Moroccan handblown glasses

Moroccan glasses

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Moroccan glasses

These stunning Moroccan glasses which are handblown in Marrakech will add a modern and simple look to your table. The rustic look of these glasses will look great with any table setting.

They are made from recycled glass and at least some of them have wonderfully imperfect bubbles in the glass. We think this adds to their beauty.

They are such a pretty shape and make drinking anything from them a joy!

Approximate size:

height 9 cm 

base 8 cm

lip 6.5 cm

Volume: 200 ml

The sets of six glasses are wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.


Growing up in the south of Spain the cities of Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada were so close. The strong Moorish influences in Spain led to my love of Morocco and its style.

We have a carefully curated collection of stylish Moroccan homewares, jewellery and accessories all handcrafted and made by the talented artisans in their small workshops of both Marrakech and Essaouira. Each item is unique as each is handmade. No two items are ever quite the same. We have a collection of one offs which we display in our shop and other items collected in small numbers that are available on our website.

Come and join us to select something unusual for yourself or a lovely original gift for a friend. We choose the more classic styles in muted colours but sometimes just cannot resist a flash of Moroccan colour!

We welcome you to BE where we are proud to source from ethical traders and artisans themselves. Many of our suppliers are found on our travels around local markets bringing income to our local communities. Thank you for supporting this trend