Large soap dispenser with beaten silver detail
Silver soap dispenser

Large soap dispenser with beaten metal detail - 500 mls

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This large soap dispenser with beaten metal detail - 500 mls makes a beautiful addition to any sink top. Say 'adios' to all those ugly plastic containers that litter the sides in bathrooms, and welcome in these stunning handmade pieces. 

They are made of glass and have beaten metal soldered around them. Only the pump mechanism is plastic.

Let's welcome these eco friendly items into our homes with open arms. 

They are refillable so take them along to your refilling station to add your favourite liquid soaps. One of my favourites for refills is ONE SMALL STEP  at Altrincham Market where Rachel, the amazing owner, is always happy to help us understand the world of being more eco friendly. She does this without judgement and is delighted to hear of every small change you have made.