Easter Hunt - Indie Bramhall

Hurray! The Indie Bramhall Easter Hunt is back and here at BE we have had fun getting ready!

The Easter Hunt will be running from now until 18 April and will be lots of fun!

Come and visit each of the six shops during your Easter Hunt, find the hidden bunnies and get a fab sticker! Ours are a selection of felt bunnies in pink and white and some crazy orange carrots!

When you have your stickers, make the sweet shop your last stop to collect your CHOCOLATE!

We do our trail every year and the kids always enjoy it. It is a lovely way to make your way around your favourite shops in our village and have some fun.

We enjoy seeing all the kids who are often at school when their parents come to visit so it is lovely for us too!

No one is too young or too old to enjoy this and our hidden bunnies are spread around the shop to make the game a little trickier for the older kids! (we are very kind to the little ones and make it a bit easier :-)

The Easter Hunt is not too long so it is a nice way to fill in an hour and have a quick browse in the local shops.

If grandparents are looking after the kids, send them along to break up their day and give the kids something to do.

We are proud to belong to this little group of Independent Businesses in Bramhall 'Indie Bramhall' made up of  Simply Books, Bramhall Bakery, Amaranth, Modiste, A Sweet Thought and of course ourselves BE! We are like-minded business owners who want to bring a community spirit to the lovely village we all share.

Remember to think of us before hitting the motorway!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter.

See you all soon and Happy Hunting!!!!

BE xx

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