BE @ Alty Market

BE @ Alty Market  was born this weekend!

What a fabulous weekend we have had at Altrincham Market. We are so excited to be a part of this beautiful market and will be here lots of weekends moving forward.

What an inspirational place - full of talent and smiles!

With delicious creations for all you foodies, a host of creative and talented people, great music and a bunch of interesting and friendly faces we are so happy to have added this to our busy BE life.

Eager to spread the word about BE and our goodies sourced from around the world we have ventured across Manchester to shout about what we do.

Remember to visit BE @ Alty Market if you haven't already been. It's Manchester's best

day out!!

As you walk in the smell of foods from around the world give you an idea of the treat to come! In the outside market place you have street food, pizza and delicious cakes along with stalls selling all kinds of original gear.  There is a lot of fun and browsing to do.

Do not miss the treat of Market House, a huge room with wooden floors, wooden scrubbed tables and a huge choice of all the best ingredients made into the most scrummy food. Don't be the last to experience it.

Old, young and everything in between come to Alty Market for the experience of a community having fun.

See you all soon.

Babs and Aneta

BE @ Altrincham Market

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