Tiff Tiffy Carma kimono

Pink silk kimono

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A stunning silk kimono from TIF TIFFY which cannot wait to be worn.

It is made from fine mulberry silk which gives it a light and flowy appearance and looks amazing tied over jeans, a tee and some pumps whilst also lending itself to an elegant look for an evening out.

 Bring Ibiza into your life with this beautiful garment or gather it up and head to Ibiza where you will instantly feel right at home! In this year's bright colours, the pinks, blues, gold and reds will come alive with the high quality silk creating the most beautiful of shimmers.

The colours are truly exquisite.

This kimono is also available in two other patterns and colour ways. It is also available as a kaftan. All are available on our website.


This kimono is made from 100% natural fibres -mulberry silk- and made in India.

What do you know about mulberry silk?

An interesting fact about mulberry silk is that it can only be grown organically as any chemicals kill the silk worms who spin the top quality silk. It is well known to be the best quality silk available. As the name suggests the silk worms feed from Mulberry trees.