lemon peppermint and rosemary natural soy wax aromatherapy candle
lemon peppermint and rosemary natural soy wax aromatherapy candle

Lemon | Peppermint | Rosemary candle

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Lemon | Peppermint | Rosemary candle

citrus, herbal + mindful.

we love to burn this scent to aid with concentration + focus, on days when the world feels overwhelming.

These candles are hand poured and are 100% soy wax and natural essential oil blends. You can expect them to burn for 40 hours. They are made in England, in Manchester by Francesca Giomarelli.

zero toxins or man-made chemicals, just honest ingredients in a reusable / fully recyclable jar.

Enjoy any of these gorgeous candles on their own or treat yourself or a friend to one of our ritual care sets which combine your choice of candle with some essential oil Himalayan salts to lay back and enjoy in the bath. It will be a truly sensuous experience that will calm you and bring a sense of well-being to your whole body.


Focused on natural, traceable materials and low waste, our products are made using natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or hidden toxins. Our packaging is all recyclable or biodegradable making these an earth friendly and eco friendly gift.

Please never leave a candle unattended whilst alight