silver double hoop earrings

Double hoop earrings | Silver

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Double hoop earrings | Silver


Large double hoop earrings in silver.

These earrings are also available in gold.

Quality: 99% Brass / 1% Silver

Reference number: 133395-021


YAYA is a lifestyle brand. We create comfortable and feminine collections, which are easy to style and to love seasons long. We’re known for our designs in soft fabrics and toned down colors. It all results in items with surprising charm. Add a tough touch to the softness and you’ve got the full YAYA package.


We try to make good fashion every day, by making sensible decisions about the impact we have on the environment and ensuring good working conditions in the factories where our products are made. We mainly produce in China, Turkey, India and Greece. YAYA respects the laws in all countries within we operate including our suppliers. We honor internal policies and ensure all business operations are legitimate. We make every partnership and collaboration open and transparent. YAYA promotes safety and fair dealing, anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices and believes in protecting human rights.