Sterling silver crescent moon pendant necklace silver
silver crescent moon

Crescent moon pendant necklace silver

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The Crescent Moon Pendant necklace silver is a staple Wolf and Gypsy piece deriving from the Latin term “crescent” meaning “to grow”. The waning phase of a crescent moon symbolises the expulsion of negative energy and focus on growth in both body and mind. May this pendant be a tribute to your strength and positive being.

These beautiful pieces of contemporary jewellery can be worn together. This necklace can be combined with the feather for maximum impact. Beautiful delicate jewellery to make you feel special.

  • sterling silver 925
  • 22mm high including jump ring
  • Chain length: 18"

To ensure your Wolf & Gypsy pieces stay bright and shiny for as long as possible, keep them away from chemicals such as perfume, chlorine, and bathing products.

Store them in a cool dry place in an individual box to avoid your jewellery tangling and being tarnished by other jewellery.


Tori of Wolf & Gypsy is a talented piercer and will curate your ear with you. She has a love of piercing and jewellery making, and could not decide which to concentrate on and so does both!

She is wonderfully spiritual and has a love of travel and cultures and her inspiration for all her creations comes from her lovely wild and inquisitive nature that makes her want to discover new things all the time. Having got to a point in her small business where she could not keep up with demand, she stumbled upon a tiny factory in India where she is happy that her jewellery gets the same attention and love that it would get were she making it herself.