Madam Stoltz large glass vase


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Madam Stoltz large glass vase

This wonderful large glass vase can be put to a multitude of uses. The Madam Stoltz large glass vase has a smaller sister and will look spectacular on a table full of flowers as a simple and chunky vase. Throw in some branches that you find out on a walk too.

Alternatively put some of our chunky candles in one to create a stylish storm lantern.

There really is nothing we like more than a good sprinkling of glass vases around a home.

We use them to store things in too.


Size: 22×26 cm
We love the ethos of Madam Stoltz and the way the company support the local communities in India in which they work. Ethical trade is the only way our world can move and it is so amazing to see companies like this growing whilst benefiting those around them.



To know where you are heading, it’s crucial to know where you come from. Many of you know Madam Stoltz as the company we are today. But we have a story that goes long back the time. Some of you have heard it, but not many of you have seen it. So here it is.

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During the years there have been many highlights. Should we mention only one, it must be the Nai Disha project, we have been supporting in New Delhi since 2010.

Nai Disha is now having 450 children and young people under its wings and as Pernille declares: “By supporting the wonderful Nai Disha project I am so pleased to give just a little bit back to the country that has given me so much”.

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