Dusty green bird print scarf


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Dusty green bird print scarf

A lovely light scarf with images of birds and leaves. All this on a soft green background, creating a stylish addition to your look. The dusty green bird print scarf is soft and can be worn with a full range of colours.

Quality: 100% Viscose


If it were up to us we would leave this space blank and let our designs do the talking. We don’t feel like bragging about ourselves, or bore you with how we first started this company in 1992 by selling basics. Our passion for travelling, trading and creating turned into YAYA where it is today. A fashion and home brand for those who like to dress up casually. Common sense, great quality and desirable, but accessible design are key values to describe YAYA.

Ethical Statement


We try to make good fashion every day, by making sensible decisions about the impact we have on the environment and ensuring good working conditions in the factories where our products are made. We mainly produce in China, Turkey, India and Greece. YAYA respects the laws in all countries within we operate including our suppliers. We honor internal policies and ensure all business operations are legitimate. We make every partnership and collaboration open and transparent. YAYA promotes safety and fair dealing, anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices and believes in protecting human rights.

We don’t use child labor.
We do visit our factories to check the working conditions.
We don’t go for the cheapest prices.
We do pay fair prices.
We do not work with any dangerous or polluting materials like chrome 6.
We do split our garbage and try to limit waste.
We don’t use certifications (yet) as it doesn’t guarantee the perfect conditions.
We do give back and do voluntary work.


There is always room for improvement and as we stated before we work on it every single day. We have consciously decided not to advertise or boast about how good, green or sustainable we are, since we at YAYA believe that this is part of being a normal human being. Be responsible & take responsibility.

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